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  What's Driving Health Care Costs?

A number of factors have contributed to rising health care costs in Massachusetts and across the country, including higher rates charged by providers, greater use of medical services, and the proliferation of new medical devices and technologies.

Others factors are unique to Massachusetts.  Mandated coverage of specific benefits such as prescription drugs, the large number of specialists in the state compared to the U.S. average, the expansion of teaching hospitals in Boston and the surrounding suburbs, and consumers' reliance on them rather than community hospitals for routine care, have widened the gap in health care costs between Massachusetts and the rest of the nation.


  Where Does the Premium Go?

Health insurance premiums are driven by health care costs.  In Massachusetts, nearly 90 cents of every health care dollar goes toward medical care, so keeping health care affordable means doing something to lower the cost of medical care.

What Can Be Done?
5 Steps to Control Health Care Costs

  1. Make cost and quality data easy for consumers to understand. 
  2. Give consumers and employers more choices.
  3. Promote care in the right setting.
  4. Improve the quality of care now.
  5. Cut red tape.

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